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Why viewers laugh at Kody Brown's relationship advice

Why viewers laugh at Kody Brown's relationship advice
Why viewers laugh at Kody Brown's relationship advice

Kody Brown is a hypocrite

Many viewers of Sister Wives believe that Kody Brown is a hypocrite since he counsels others on relationships yet does not practice what he preaches.

Fans will never take Kody seriously because he has problems with all four of his wives. They have told him more than once that he is not the best person to give relationship advice to anyone else, but he still does it. Fans have seen him make choices without talking to any of his partners first.

He is always trying to get them to do things they don't want to do. He moved his whole family all over the country, even though not everyone was happy about it. 

Advice on Sister Wives

Even though his advice on past seasons of Sister Wives has been good, many viewers, like Reddit user u/No-Woodpecker-529, think that the Sister Wives patriarch is being hypocritical by not following his advice.

The Redditor posted a Cameo from Kody that a fan got, in which Kody was asked for marriage advice. 

Kody thanked

Kody thanked them for being fans and told them that their significant other won't be hanging out with other "sister wives." The Patriarch also said that he hopes they can get along. People on Reddit were shocked by what he said. He had nothing useful to say at all.

TLC star

People were quick to say bad things about the TLC star. "OMG!" wrote a user on r/Orchid-Whisperer. The advice is that he won't wander around. 

"Minimal effort and no advice"

"Why do people pay for this nonsense? A user on r/JCAIA agreed with them, saying that the Sister Wives star's message was "minimal effort and no advice." Fans have seen Kody give his kids pieces of advice.

Mykelti's engagement

During Mykelti's engagement with Tony Pardon, he told them to always acknowledge each other, which fans found "ironic" since he often forgets about his first three wives. Fans were surprised when he told the newlyweds that things will always work out between them as long as they stay close and find happiness together.

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