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90 Day Fiancé's Andrew Kenton Is Selling Ex-Fiancée Amira Lollysa's Ring

90 Day Fiancé's Andrew Kenton Is Selling Ex-Fiancée Amira Lollysa's Ring
90 Day Fiancé's Andrew Kenton Is Selling Ex-Fiancée Amira Lollysa's Ring

TLC reality show 90 Day Fiancé

During the eighth season of the TLC reality show 90 Day Fiancé, Kenton and Lollysa's relationship went through some difficult times. Now, Kenton is selling the engagement ring and wedding band that belonged to his ex-fiancée, Amira Lolly.

In the eighth season of the reality program, Kenton, who is originally from California and is now 34 years old, went through a difficult relationship with Lollysa, who is 30 years old. The former couple announced their engagement over the summer of 2018, however, they ended up breaking up at the season finale of 2020. Soon after that, Lollysa sent the ring back to him over electronic mail.

InTouch, the seller of the rings. According to InTouch, the seller of the rings is currently listed as Kenton's sister Connie, and she explained that he decided to sell them because they hold many old memories and have become a "sad reminder" of his relationship with the French hairstylist. The rings are currently being sold by Kenton's sister Connie.

Connie said to the news source that "We just don't have any need for it anymore." "We are going to put it up for auction on eBay in the hopes that it would make some 90-Day enthusiasts very happy. This stunning ring should be given another opportunity to find its perfect owner.

Kenton has placed the rings up for auction

Kenton has placed the rings up for auction on eBay with an initial price of $1,000 despite the fact that an assessment he had done a few years ago indicated that the rings were worth around $8,000 combined. At the time of writing, there were five bids on the item, with the highest one being for $1,176. The ring is made of white 14k gold and features a crown of diamonds with an emerald and a princess cut sitting on top of the crown. Neil Lane was the one who came up with the design for the engagement ring.

Constraints imposed by COVID-19. After their initial encounter, which took place online, Kenton and Lollysa struck up an immediate bond with one another. They decided to spend a week together in a romantic setting in Las Vegas, where Andrew ended up popping the question. According to ScreenRant, once they were engaged, they applied for a K-1 Visa, but even though it was granted, Lollysa was unable to enter the United States before her visa ran out because of constraints imposed by COVID-19.

Long-distance relationship

It was difficult for the pair to sustain a long-distance relationship, and they had disagreements over whether or not to start a family. As a result, Lollysa made the decision to call off their engagement the day before she was to depart for the United States, but she ended up staying in France.

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In the eighth season's tell-all episode, she admitted that she had just had a romantic connection with someone. Since then, Lollysa has taken to social media in order to set the record straight, saying that "dating online and dating in real life are two very different things!" She continued by saying that she was "naive and weak.

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