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90-Day Fiancé Fans Think Shaeeda's Wedding Dress Is Just Another Prank - TVThop

TV Series - Jul 29, 2022

90-Day Fiancé Fans Think Shaeeda's Wedding Dress Is Just Another Prank

90-Day Fiancé Fans Think Shaeeda's Wedding Dress Is Just Another Prank
90-Day Fiancé Fans Think Shaeeda's Wedding Dress Is Just Another Prank

It appears that Shaeeda Sween is not happy with the dress that Bilal's sister made for her, but fans think it is probably a prank played on her by Bilal. Fans of 90 Day Fiancé are tired of Bilal Hazziez's awful treatment of Shaeeda Sween, and according to the show's previews, they think he's pulling yet another "prank" on her. They speculate that he's having his sister give her an ugly wedding dress. Bilal plays pranks to test the loyalty of his soon-to-be wife. Her tumultuous relationship with Bilal may come to an end if she's unhappy with the dress she's been forced into.

After meeting through mutual friends online, Bilal flew to Trinidad and Tobago for the first time to meet Shaeeda in person. A mere seven days after spending time together, Bilal proposed. To file her K-1 visa, he returned to the US to perform a Nikah (an Islamic marriage ceremony). There has yet to be a legal wedding between the couple in the United States. possessions.

At the beginning of season 9, fans were shocked when Bilal "pranked" Shared by showing up at the airport in a beat-up van and taking her to his dilapidated childhood home, to ensure that she did not marry him for material has yet to decide whether the couple will marry legally in the UnitedInstead of seeming like a fun prank, this served as a grim warning about Bilal's complete lack of trust in Shared. He continued to doubt her throughout the season. Now, fans are convinced that Bilal is yet again testing has yet been decided whether the couple will marry legally in the United the knot.

There was a preview of 90 Day Fiancé season 9 episode 16, "Last Sip Single," shown towards the end of 90 Day Fiancé season 9 episode 15. As you can see in this preview, Bilal's sister is arriving to show Shaeeda her wedding dress, which she made herself, that she made for her wedding. Shared is heartbroken when she sees the gown because it's poorly constructed and looks outdated. She describes it as an "old lady dress," despite Bilal's sister's efforts to convince her otherwise.

A user on Reddit's 90 Day Fiancé subreddit, u/jenkers_27, pointed out that in the season 9 mid-season preview, the bride wears another dress for Shaeeda and Bilal's wedding. The fans believe that the real gown will be revealed after Shaeeda has freaked out over Bilal's prank, suggesting that it might be another prank from Bilal. She would have another opportunity to be lectured about gratitude by Bilal.

Whether Bilal is behind the prank or his sister, who also wanted to bait-and-switch Shaeeda before the wedding, is unclear. Nevertheless, viewers feel fairly confident that Bilal was involved based on past behavior. No matter what, fans aren't happy that Bilal's family seems willing to support his testing (and distrustful) treatment of Shared. Bilal's family has treated Shaeeda mean-spiritedly and mistrustfully at every turn since she left home, family, and career behind to become part of theirs.

Shared has been criticized for continuing to endure Bilal's cruelty and that of his family. Many fans have suggested that her age may be a factor, as well as the "sunken cost fallacy," which suggests that if one commits time and effort to something, they must continue to do so even if things aren't going as planned. Since Shared wants to be married and raise a family, fans believe that she will continue to work with Bilal to make things work, since she has already invested so much in the relationship. To find out what happens with Shaeeda's wedding dress, viewers will likely tune into next week's 90 Day Fiancé episode.


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