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'90 Day Fiance : Happily Ever After?' Recap of the premiere: Jenny and Sumit meet his parents

'90 Day Fiance : Happily Ever After?' Recap of the premiere: Jenny and Sumit meet his parents
'90 Day Fiance : Happily Ever After?' Recap of the premiere: Jenny and Sumit meet his parents

Jenny and Sumit got married despite the huge age gap between them, and now they are living a life in New Delhi just nearby Sumit's parent's home. 

The seventh season of the show

On Sunday, August 28, 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After came up with its seventh season on TLC. Sumit and Jenny, a married couple who had been together for two months, were featured on the show, which focused on the lives of married couples.

Sumit is from New Delhi, India, and Jenny is from Palm Springs, California. A year before, the 63-year-old Jenny and the 33-year-old Sumit met each other after he catfished her. Eventually, they fell in love, and Jenny went to India to visit him. Since the 2019 episode, the couple has faced difficult, rough situations but still evolved together. 

Sumit and Jenny married

After 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Sumit, and Jenny married. Now the couple is living in India near Sumit's parent's home in New Delhi; he still has yet to reveal their his parents their marriage. Marriage with Jenny is his second marriage. 

Jenny thought things would be good, but it did not last long, as soon as Sumit informed her that his parents would be coming to their home to meet him. Later he forces her to meet his parents though she knows it will end in a major drama. 

Jenny's previous encounter with Sumit's parents was so bitter as his parents humiliated her in front of Sumit, who was seated quietly. The couple cleaned their home to make it look clean before Sumit's parents arrived. Once the parents arrived, a heated argument started. 

Sumit's parents did not like Jenny

However, Sumit's parents are disinterested in the 30-year age difference, so there is an air of tension, and it's high when Sumit and Jenny invite them over. Though Jenny has been warned not to speak, when Sumit fails to initiate a conversation with his parents, Jenny interjects and inquires why Sumit's parents haven't yet accepted her.

Later, Summit gains courage and discloses his second marriage with Jenny, which happened a few months before. The mother is so staunch that she insults her son and plans to throw him from her house if he ever steps in. How much ever Sumit's father tries his best, things go in vain.

 The shocking revelation that Sumit kept his marriage from his parents and cared more about his family's sentiments than his wife's this startled viewers of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After Season 7. Fans then criticized Sumit's mother and criticized him for not standing up for Jenny. 

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