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90 Day Fiance: Here are David's best before and after pictures following his loss of 70 pounds

90 Day Fiance: Here are David's best before and after pictures following his loss of 70 pounds
90 Day Fiance: Here are David's best before and after pictures following his loss of 70 pounds

David Toborowsky, star of 90 Day Fiancé, has lost more than 70 pounds in the past year. His transformation is evident in his pictures. Viewers may recall the 54-year-old reality star from his episode of season 5, which featured his marriage to his now-wife, Annie Suwan. Though the couple had a bittersweet beginning in the series, they have become one of the happiest couples to emerge from it.

David has been on a praiseworthy fitness journey since he began sometime last year, while Annie has established her clothing business in the United States. In January 2022, the Arizona resident posted his first public update on his weight loss, revealing that he had lost ten pant sizes. David did not choose to undergo weight loss surgery like other 90 Day Fiancé cast members, Tiffany Franco and Angela Deem.

Rather than resorting to dieting, David worked out to achieve his weight loss goals. It was previously revealed that the 90 Day Fiancé season 5 star ate salads, breakfast sandwiches, and low-fat foods as part of his diet. David stunned 90 Day Fiancé viewers in August 2022 by exhibiting his weight loss progress and looking slimmer than ever before. Annie claimed in the video that her husband had lost 70 pounds.

Even though David is still on the weight loss journey, his progress is already quite impressive. When comparing his before and after photographs, it can be seen that he is achieving his goals on a daily basis. In July 2021, David shared a picture of himself and his wife wearing an extra-large suit and gold jewelry.

Exactly one year later, he uploaded a dancing video wearing a medium-sized t-shirt and black pants. One side showed a photo of David from his time on the show, while the other side depicted David in the present day. A number of fans praised the 90-Day Fiancé star for his new dance in his "happy Friday" post. According to one comment, "Hey, you slimmed down! Good for you! Keep on dancing."

Comparing the couple's outdoor photos from a few years ago to July 2022 is another easy way to identify the difference. In the older photograph, Annie and David are posing next to each other during the earliest stages of their relationship. Nevertheless, the latest image depicts the two looking absolutely in love as they tightly embrace one another.

David is wearing a blue shirt and black track pants that demonstrate his physical transformation. As he posted on his social media pages on Monday, he dedicated the post to his "amazing wife," and fans commented, "You guys look amazing! You have come so far," and "Gorgeous picture! That is something that should be hung up."

In this comparison, David's weight loss of 70 pounds is most evident. David appeared in the old photograph wearing an orange-colored t-shirt and looked similar to the actor on 90 Day Fiancé. However, the most recent picture shows him looking quite different as he has developed a more contemporary dressing style and a slimmer physique.

David's face also appears leaner than ever as he smiles next to his wife. David's progress and Annie's happiness are cherished by fans. It is rewarding to see David's 90 Day Fiancé fans supporting him with comments such as "I love you two together, it is such a beautiful love," and "I love Annie what an incredible woman she is- and David, you look great!"

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