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A mother's loss and a reunion in Fort Salem: She Returns

A mother's loss and a reunion in Fort Salem: She Returns
A mother's loss and a reunion in Fort Salem: She Returns

With a powerful viewing experience, this episode continued the flawless trend. Taylor Hickson made her official return as Raelle. Despite the absence of one reunion, the reunions did not disappoint. A multitude of heroic actions was shown in this episode. During the Cession, heroes were born and an invasion began.

Soon after the events of the previous episode, the action picks up. In order to stop the war, Anacostia, Abigail, and Adil work together to find Wade. Thelma's Cession militia and Army Witches are also engaged in bloodshed. As Scylla rejoined them, she desperately tried to reach Raelle again. Trying to rescue Scylla from the fog of desperation that had enveloped her in her quest for Raelle, Abigail and Anacostia stood side by side with Scylla as her friends. 

In this episode, McKinney was a vital character. Anacostia's captivity with Sterling gave her great material. Even so, it is nostalgic to see her back as a mentor and commander of the Bellweather unit. Her presence at the Iroquois checkpoint with Abigail and Adil showed how far they have come.

As a fierce leader in her own right, Abigail is genuinely like her mom in her engagement with the Camarilla officer. The union of Sky and Earth also illustrates why Camarilla fears it. They make a formidable team. Abigail's moment with her fellow witches after killing the Camarilla officer was more important than even the stand they took at that crossing. Alder and her mom would have been immensely proud of her rallying speech.

During Anacostia, Abigail, and Adil's crossing, Thelma revealed her militia at a Council meeting. Moments after the rest of the group fell unconscious, Mathilda "Milly" Longhouse revealed herself as the traitor, to mixed reactions.

Scylla rallied her dodger friends, led by Mac, and reunited with Tally after Anacostia and Abigail got their head back. Through her gift of future sight, Tally alerted Scylla to the Council's troubles and led the charge to save them. Tally also informed Scylla of the Raelle vision and saved the former Spree witch from a complete breakdown. Watching Holm and Sutton's characters form this powerful bond has been a treat this season. 

The great sacrifice of Scylla began here. To slow down the Army, she rallied the dodgers. Their work did no harm but reminded all of the Army unit's first wave of their oath to Petra's Army. Although they displayed more compassion than their sinister Camarilla commanders liked, the second wave was proficient and not present for Abigail's speech. For the sake of her friends and family, Scylla sacrificed herself when Army witches surrounded the Community Center. 

Tally almost lost everything because she was blindsided by the protective power of the new Camarilla armor, which Abigail and Adil had discovered. The Camarilla officer almost killed her. Raelle returned at that moment. Tally was saved by Scylla as well since it was her voice that led Raelle to that room. Even though it took everything from Raelle, it brought Tally, Abigail, and Raelle together. 

Willa loves Scylla, who has already had to let go of her daughter. Following last season's violent separation with only moments to say goodbye, that opening sequence between mother and daughter was desperately needed. Both Hickson and Pavlovská had tears in their eyes. This added even more emotional weight to Raelle's decision whether to stay with her mom in the Mycelium's safety or risk going into the dark world. In the end, Willa said the Mycelium would contact Raelle. When Willa and the Mycelium gave her the option, they probably knew she had no choice. 

Meanwhile, Alder was in Madrid, Spain, seeking out Santos, who had been a Camarilla Pontifex for decades. Upon entering his shop, he seemed very aware of Alder's identity. Providing her with the information she sought about the First Song proved that he had changed. His collection of artifacts from his time with the Camarilla included the two missing parts of the First Song belonging to family lines that no longer exist. ABIGAIL ALDER, the sister of General Sarah Alder, who was hanged by this rope in 1692 sealed his fate.

Tally has to learn to see back into the distant past, reunited with Alder. The final two parts of the song will be stewarded by her. As she demonstrated in this episode, she will be able to handle any task Alder needs of her. There is one complaint about this episode, and that is how often Tally has to explain the Raelle prophecy.This episode also featured Nicte's return, as she and Anacostia met in a Spree-occupied diner in the Cession. Each woman knew who the other was.

What's next? Wade and the Marshal are desperately trying to find each other. As Alder did when Biddy was in trouble, the Marshal likely felt the same way. What if he comes back? The country and witches need Wade's reinstatement soon, but she is in safe hands. Scylla's rescue mission will clearly involve taking a grave risk to get her back. With Lupe and her unit, all hope isn't lost yet in the Cession invasion. In these final episodes, we'll cover key moments from the final season trailer that suggested better things to come. To survive this Camarilla-manufactured crisis, all the heroes of this story must endure.

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