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Emma Hernan reacts as Production Begins on Season 6 as Christine Quinn leaves Selling Sunset

Emma Hernan reacts as Production Begins on Season 6 as Christine Quinn leaves Selling Sunset
Emma Hernan reacts as Production Begins on Season 6 as Christine Quinn leaves Selling Sunset

The sixth and seventh seasons of Netflix's Selling Sunset will not feature Christine Quinn. It has been five years since Christine appeared on the reality series, and she infamously skipped the season five reunion amid a diagnosis of COVID-19 that was eventually questioned.

Having completed five seasons on the show, Christine has signed with IMG Models. She looks forward to leaving it in order to pursue her modeling career, as well as her new crypto-friendly real estate brokerage company with her husband Christian.

As of August 17, production sources informed us that Christine will not be appearing in the new seasons of the series, which were recently filmed. The decision was mutual between Christine, Netflix, and the company responsible for producing the show.

In addition, they confirmed that Christine has signed a new contract with IMG and that she has already secured a number of modeling gigs and appearances. In a second report, Christine was reported to be pleased that she was moving on from Seller Sunset and that she was looking forward to appearing on the catwalks of New York, Milan, and Paris in the near future.

"Christine knew that this day would come. Even before Seasons 4 and 5 begin filming, she anticipates phasing out of the cast, according to a source, who is proud of how much work she contributed to the success of Selling Sunset. She has much greater goals than simply playing a villain in an ensemble reality television series. 

There is no doubt that she is looking forward to beginning the next chapter of her career and showing the world who she truly is.” During an appearance on the Call Her Daddy podcast in May, Christine publicly claimed the show's producer, Adam DiVello, made threatening remarks to her.

“Christine, once she voiced her feelings about Adam DiVello, decided that it was in her best interest to exit before Season 6,” a source explained. Christine had commented on the podcast that we must consider Adam DiVello's entire record as a human being, as a person. Additionally, he had told me at one point that I should go down the stairs and commit suicide..”

Prior to her drama with Adam, Christine had stated that she would return to Oppenheim Group in spite of the fact that she had "terminated her contract."

During the news of Christine's departure from Selling Sunset, a source caught up with Emma Hernan outside The Oppenheim Group. She admitted hearing the report and indicated she was not too concerned about the future of the series. "I heard that as well...I think the show is doing well. The people we work with are amazing.

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