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Fans of 'One Chicago' point out a serious problem with the Halstead Brothers

Fans of 'One Chicago' point out a serious problem with the Halstead Brothers
Fans of 'One Chicago' point out a serious problem with the Halstead Brothers

Gehlfuss and Soffer are both playing the Halstead brothers in their respective One Chicago dramas, but how are they different? In Chicago Med, Gehlfuss portrays Will Halstead as a character who can display a certain amount of patience.

The ability to communicate effectively is an important quality when working in a medical facility such as Gaffney. On Chicago P.D., Jay Halstead is portrayed by Soffer as a character who possesses some capabilities. The gentleman comes in his own unique style and is quite matter-of-fact.

There is still a question mark over their ages. There's something good about both actors being in their mid-30s. It's okay for them to stay on their shows for just a moment longer. The differentiating age did, however, become a public issue at times.

As Jay introduces Will in the second season of Chicago P.D., he refers to him as his little brother. In an article on Reddit, we learn a little more about this problem. Apparently, Will is the older brother, as stated in the original posting.

There is some resentment between the brothers after their father loses his life because Will left to attend medical school while Jay stayed behind before joining the military,” the Redditor writes. According to another fan, "It will be interesting if the writers bring it up again since I recall Will referring to Jay as his big brother in the early seasons."

The real-life age of Soffer and Gehlfuss is 38 and 37, respectively. In the context of how each character differs from one another, that can be overlooked. In One Chicago, the show does an excellent job of helping characters stand out. It goes without saying that Dick Wolf and his team have done an excellent job of bridging differences. The appearance of both Soffer and Gehlfuss in crossover episodes is always a welcome sight.

Despite that situation having been resolved, Gehlfuss was considering playing another type of character on Chicago P.D. That character would be an undercover cop. Earlier this year, he was on the official Chicago Med Instagram account.  Asked what role he would like to play on Chicago Police or Chicago Fire, Gehlfuss replied, "An undercover cop sounds interesting."

Imagine him playing one on a One Chicago show! Would he appear as one on P.D.? It would be either that show or even Fire. He could not possibly play more than one character on Med at the same time while also being his regular character. Certainly, there are some classic TV sitcoms that have featured stars who play a dual roles. Currently, it appears to be rather dated and not very enjoyable.

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