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In Days of Our Lives, Brandon Barash was killed off for the second time but there's more to the story

In Days of Our Lives, Brandon Barash was killed off for the second time but there's more to the story
In Days of Our Lives, Brandon Barash was killed off for the second time but there's more to the story

There has been a morbid guessing game for weeks on Days of Our Lives. Viewers have sought to figure out who name will appear on the corpse's toe tag after head writer Ron Carlivati hinted that another major character would soon depart in a body bag. At the end of the July 27 episode, Kayla informed Ava that Jake DiMera is the morgue-bound Salemite.

There are a few nuances to this day of Our Lives storyline, so it's not quite as straightforward as it first appears. A moment later. The same actor being killed off a soap twice in a matter of years is rare. It's not uncommon for soap characters to meet an untimely end. Barash first appeared as Jake's equally tragic twin in March of 2019 when he replaced Tyler Christopher as Jake's twin.

The series ended with Stefan's fatal shooting in October of that year, with Barash returning to the series as Jake Lambert, who was later revealed to be Stefan's other twin, Jacob "Jake" DiMera.It makes perfect sense that Barash and Camila Banus will re-pair upon Jake's introduction, given their chemistry as Stefan and Gabi.

While viewers (and Gabi) were left wondering if Jake was truly her true love or if his rough-around-the-edges nature was his claim to being unrelated to Stefan. In Salem, the dead return frequently and the devil has a standing reservation at the Hotel de' Marlena, so this scenario wasn't entirely ridiculous.

After a while, it became clear that Jake was the son of Vivian Alamain and Stefano DiMera, a fact even she was unaware of due to manservant Ivan's false statement. In the romance department, Jake and Gabi did find each other, but he also had a steamy romance with older woman Kate in May/December.

Jake and Ava, who share Jake's small apartment (and bed), went from friends to lovers more recently. Only a few days before his death, Jake and Ava were planning to get married! To return to our earlier discussion, let's look at that twist.

As the show aired on July 26, Gabi began talking about Stefan, the true love of her life, and how she could never love anyone the way she loved Stefan. Moreover, viewers know Dr. Rolf, the actor who has been recast in the role, and he brings dead people back to life in a variety of ways. As he did with Stefano and Steve a few years ago, could the mad scientist be about to implant Stefan's "essence" into Jake?

Barash starred in General Hospital as Johnny Zacchara before joining Days. At the moment, that character is serving 20 years behind bars at Pentonville Prison. As an ex-husband of Kirsten Storms (Maxie, General Hospital), Barash shares a daughter, Harper, with her. Isabella Devoto was proposed to by him - with Harper's help - shortly before Christmas of 2021.

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