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Jacklyn Zeman reveals something you didn't know about Rick Springfield

Jacklyn Zeman reveals something you didn't know about Rick Springfield
Jacklyn Zeman reveals something you didn't know about Rick Springfield

In the popular soap opera Dr. Noah Drake, Rick Springfield gained notoriety as a Grammy-winning musician but also as a passionate musician. It was five months later that "Jessie's Girl" singer Chris Collins' music career began to take off. He appeared on "GH" for the first time in 1981, and the rest is history. reports Springfield told E! News in 2005 that 'General Hospital' helped establish her physical reputation. During the show's first season, Springfield became a fan favorite as viewers enjoyed Dr. Drake's romance with Nurse Bobbie Spencer, played by Jacklyn Zeman - a former Playboy Bunny.

According to Soap Hub, Maurice Bernard was the actor that her character would have liked to play on "GH" - and she admitted that she adored Rick Springfield.  As Zeman put it, "Not only is he creative, talented, fabulous, and the most professional person, but he comes in, knows his stuff, and hits his marks. I just adore him." Back then, Zeman even acquired a funny story about Porter's advice to her man before a love scene. As part of Springfield's role on "General Hospital," he shared romantic scenes with Jacklyn Zeman. At the time, Springfield was dating his future wife, Barbara Porter, who would often leave funny notes inside his scripts.

On her weekly podcast "State of Mind," Zeman remembers writing 'Watch out, don't tongue!' or 'Don't hug!' in the scripts. We would laugh when we would run these lines," she told Maurice Bernard via Soap Hub.  The Springfields have been married for nearly 40 years and have two children, Liam and Joshua. Despite going through a few ups and downs over the years, Springfield told People the pandemic showed him and Porter still have many common interests despite their ups and downs.

During this whole lockdown, it has probably been the most personal thing for him. A good one came my way." As per IMDb, Rick Springfield has continued acting, starring in "Californication," "True Detective," "Supernatural," and "American Horror Story" since leaving "General Hospital" in 1983. Author of a memoir in 2010, "Late, Late at Night," he is also a published author. As per Best Life, Springfield then wrote two novels, "Magnificent Vibration" and "World on Fire."

Also, he hasn't forgotten what it was like to be in a soap opera. According to People, Springfield reprised his role as Dr. Noah Drake several times during "GH's 50th-anniversary celebration" in 2013. Springfield has continued to receive fan mail about his stint on the popular daytime soap even after all these years.

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