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The unsigned Leah Marlene feels 'misunderstood' by American Idol

The unsigned Leah Marlene feels 'misunderstood' by American Idol
The unsigned Leah Marlene feels 'misunderstood' by American Idol

There is, however, a big omission from that list, Leah Marlene, the 3rd runner-up. Could you please tell me why 19 failed to sign this extremely talented singer-songwriter? The label can only answer that question. As a result, she has spoken out in frustration over being "misunderstood" in the industry. Despite not resenting her friends' success, she feels as though she is going in circles indefinitely.  As Leah writes in a lengthy Instagram caption, "I can write a novel about the experience I went through after American Idol."As Leah describes it, it has been hard. Trying to make something happen from this has been nonstop and I feel like I'm going in circles forever."

According to her, she feels misunderstood by the industry, which has led her to question who she is and what she wants. The comparison game has made these few months harder for me than they would have been without the show." Some people are on her side, Leah realizes. My family, friends, and coworkers all believe in me so deeply that they are so proud of me. As each of us has our journey and timeline, I know we are on our path. The experience of this feeling of loneliness just seems so overwhelming to me."

The woman feels exhausted, "I'm at my limit of emotional exhaustion. I can't pretend it doesn't bother me anymore. Lost, confused, stuck, and frustrated are all words that describe my feelings. The show has changed many things in my life, but almost everywhere I still find myself back at square one because of it." She continued to discuss her thoughts in comments when the caption became too long. There are a lot of things Leah wants to say.

Those who know me well know that I am putting everything I have into achieving this dream. There was more to my journey into pop stardom than just having no experience and naive dreams. The work I put in has been ongoing for more than half of my life. The frustration Leah feels is unbearable. As she says, "It feels pretty awful to be back at square one again after such a promising opportunity." As she says, "I know my value and I know what I have to offer music and society." My only wish is that someone with power could also see this.

Despite that, she continues to hold on to faith, "Anyway." This season will pave the way for something so beautiful in the future, so I can't keep quiet about it. I'd just like to thank you all for your everlasting encouragement, love, and support. Here's to brighter days!” Leah will also be going on tour this summer in addition to writing songs.

Her last show was in Ottawa, Canada over the weekend. Later on, she will play shows in Evanston, Illinois, Normal, Illinois, Los Angeles, Denver, and other places. There is a team behind her. She recently announced that Madison House will manage and book her shows. She may find it hard, but an Idol alum like Jax, Catie Turner, or Lauren Spencer-Smith got major label deals without 19R signing them.

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