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These are the funniest lines from the iconic RHOBH dinner party in Amsterdam

These are the funniest lines from the iconic RHOBH dinner party in Amsterdam
These are the funniest lines from the iconic RHOBH dinner party in Amsterdam

There are plenty of iconic moments in RHOBH. One of the funniest and most memorable fights from season 5 was in Amsterdam.Some of The Real Housewives' most memorable moments have taken place during season 5, and the ladies' famous Amsterdam dinner fight is remembered for its hilarious quotes.

Among the most wealthy women in Beverly Hills have been featured on RHOBH since season 1 premiered in 2010. In spite of some missteps  fans still tune in to see what upcoming drama will uncover.Fans consider RHOBH season 5, which aired from late 2014 to early 2015, to be one of the best. A number of dramatic moments were shared between Kyle Richards, Kim Richards, Lisa Vanderpump, Brandi Glanville, Yolanda Hadid, as well as newcomers Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson during the season. Within several complex relationships

The housewives fought in Yolanda's native Netherlands during season 5 of RHOBH. It was Yolanda who unintentionally stirred the first wave of argument by mentioning Kim's sobriety. The women were asked to share personal aspects of their lives by Yolanda, who was married to David Foster. As they say, the rest is history. Bella's DUI led Lisa to tell about her sister's alcohol and drug overdose, and the rest is history. 

While starring on RHOBH, Kim's and Kyle's relationship had its share of chaos. Kim stated multiple times throughout season 1 and season 5 that Kyle did not have her back, from fighting in a limo to arguing about Kim's dog. The first time Kyle intervened between Kim and Lisa, Kim immediately turned on her sister. Kim's ensuing rant only gets more unintentionally hilarious when she imitates Kyle's earlier behavior of hiding behind a napkin. 

Lisa Hamlin's obsession with her husband, Harry Hamlin, should be known to fans of The Real Housewives. She briefly discussed Harry's sobriety journey earlier in the season, as well as watching Harry's brothers pass away.She had some of the fastest clapbacks ever seen on RHOBH during this Amsterdam dinner.

In response to Kim's dragging of Kyle for not being a good sister, the table rushed to defend Kyle. Lisa Vanderpump, like Yolanda, was a bystander for most of the fight although she attempted to persuade Kim that Kyle "does defend you 100%." When Lisa entered the argument by lecturing Kim about her tone and words, it was clear that she had no interest in what Lisa had to say. 

It's Eileen's dramatic exclamation that goes down as the Amsterdam dinner's funniest quote, but the argument-within-an-argument between Kim and Eileen is memorable in itself. Among her long-running dramas include The Young and the Restless and The Bold and the Beautiful, Eileen is a well-known soap opera actress. Earlier in the week, the RHOBH ladies gathered at Eileen's house for a night of poker, which culminated in Kim and Brandi facing off against Kyle.

Eileen clearly had this in the back of her mind when she intervened in the Netherlands and found herself under Kim's wrath. After Kim told Eileen to "shut your f mouth," because she had "enough of you, you beast!" In this laugh-out-loud moment between Kim and Eileen during season 5, she summoned every ounce of soap opera experience in her to say, "BEAST?" No matter how many funny moments have been shared on RHOBH, this one between Kim and Eileen is the peak of hilarity throughout.

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