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This Is What 'Seeking Sister Wife' on TLC Is Really About

This Is What 'Seeking Sister Wife' on TLC Is Really About
This Is What 'Seeking Sister Wife' on TLC Is Really About

TLC’s Sister Wives has been a great success 

Seeking Sister Wife follows several families as they try to bring in a new participant.Sister Wives on TLC has been a huge success for the network. Since the show's debut in 2010, Sister Wives has amassed a cult-like following of devoted viewers. 

In 2018

Sister Wives continues to follow Kane Brown's life and the lives of his wives Meri Brown, Janelle Brown, Robyn Brown, and now ex-wife Christine Brown. TLC ended up choosing to capitalise on the success of Sister Wives in 2018 by launching a new show about polygamist relationships. 

The structure of Seeking Sister Wife is quite different

Seeking Sister Wife is shaped differently than Sister Wives. Seeking Sister Wife follows the journey of families as they attempt to bring another participant into their relationships rather than just one. Several couples have appeared in multiple seasons, while others have appeared in each period. Let's get started with Seeking Sister Wives.

Unlike the original Sister Wives show

Seeking Sister Wife, unlike the initial Sister Wives show on TLC, does not focus on a single family. Rather, the show follows several couples as they attempt to incorporate another person into their relationships. Some married people are seeking a third party, whereas others have multiple sister wives and want to expand.

Several couples have been featured

Several married people have appeared on multiple seasons of the show after their failed attempts to date a new sister wife. Dimitri and Ashley Snowden, for instance, appeared in the first three seasons of the series. The fourth season of Seeking Sister Wife is premiering.

One of the most bizarre scandals 

One of the most strange corruption cases to emerge from TLC's Seeking Sister Wife involved the Alldredge family's efforts to find a sister wife. Jeff Alldredge and his wives Vanessa and Sharis met Jennifer Linnerth during the episode's first two seasons.

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Jennifer Linnerth was not liked amongst fans

Jennifer Linnerth was disliked by fans, but no one suspected what occurred. Linnerth excused himself from a meeting with the Alldredge family, claiming a family emergency. She tried to claim to have a burst appendix while attempting to set another appointment. Linnerth's family members then texted the Aldridges to inform them that Linnerth had died. Linnerth made the entire thing up.

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