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RHOA: In response to Kenya Moore's criticism of Marlo's home invasion reveal, she was slammed

RHOA: In response to Kenya Moore's criticism of Marlo's home invasion reveal, she was slammed
RHOA: In response to Kenya Moore's criticism of Marlo's home invasion reveal, she was slammed

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star might have deleted her criticism of Marlo Hampton's home invasion reveal after being shamed by a fellow victim. In an appearance on a local news station, Marlo shared details of her experience with a home invasion.

She recalled hearing a loud noise when robbers forced their way into her home. In spite of this, she believes that she scared the perpetrators away with a loud scream. During the attack, Marlo and her nephews were safe and unharmed.

When sharing the details, Marlo warned: "the ladies" to be mindful before posting images of their lavish lifestyle online. In the Metro Atlanta area, a string of celebrity homes was being burglarized, police announced to Marlo.

Kenya responded on Twitter after learning of the interview and skewered Marlo for having appeared on the news before telling the cast information that they could have used to stay safe. The shady tweet was quickly deleted by Kenya after it was sent. It was the latest development in the ongoing feud between Marlo and Kenya.

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Kenya may have deleted the tweet after a fellow victim called her out. Following the arrest of four suspects who attempted to rob Marlo of her townhouse, Brittni Mealy, an ex and mother of a child with rapper Future, jumped into the feud to defend her friend. “I am a victim in that same area, and we were all told by the police not to tell anyone. That includes you!" 
The following statement was made by Brittni in a comment that was gathered by All About The Tea. Brittni also criticized Kenya for obscuring Marlo's home invasion reveal as a potential "storyline" for the show. Brittni stated that police instructed victims to remain silent about the string of invasions in order to avoid jeopardizing their investigation into the crimes.

Nevertheless, Marlo showed Brittni texts that confirmed she informed the cast about her home invasion on July 5. Despite Marlo or her nephews being concerned about Brittni, Brittni claimed Kenya "hearted and liked" the text message. Brittney remarked, "This is very insensitive!". As a result of Brittni's message, Kenya might have deleted her initial tweet.

Fans might wonder why Kenya would blast Marlo on Twitter if receipts prove she knew about Marlo's home invasion for two weeks before the TV interview. Adding fuel to their feud might just be Kenya's plan. 

Kenya and Marlo are expected to fight at the reunion. Kenya and Marlo's reignited squabble has dominated Real Housewives of Atlanta season 14. Having Marlo working full-time now, she is more qualified to engage in messy showdowns. There have been nonstop jabs on both ends due to Kenya's inability to back down from a quarrel. It's going to be a drama-filled reunion.

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