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Steffy mourns the loss of her beloved Finn at moving reunion with Kelly and Hayes

Steffy mourns the loss of her beloved Finn at moving reunion with Kelly and Hayes
Steffy mourns the loss of her beloved Finn at moving  reunion  with Kelly and Hayes

The news that Finn is alive is shocking to Brooke, Eric, and Thomas at Forrester Creations. Even though he's been through hell, he's still alive. Their beams of excitement are contagious. Steffy, Taylor, and Ridge haven't heard from Hope and Liam yet that they've been contacted. Several smiles are exchanged as they marvel at it.

Finn is too excited to get some sleep on the Spencer jet, and Bill encourages him to get some shut-eye. In those days with Sheila, all he could think about was Steffy and the kids. The experience must have been torturous for Bill. In anticipation of seeing his wife soon, Finn enthuses. To encourage Finn to try Steffy again, Bill hands over his phone. Another message he leaves her is, "I'm coming to be with you, baby.". It will soon be time for us to be together again." After disconnecting, he looks out the window at the passing clouds as he sighs.

Steffy's doctor assures Taylor and Ridge that she's receiving the best care possible in Monaco. A woman says she does not know where she is and that she does not know where she is. Ridge is adamant that she is not missing. Due to her preference for time alone, the doctor has no idea where she is at the moment.

Steffy stands alone looking out over the water at a scenic vista; she wears sunglasses and a black dress. The Forrester Creations team has been filled in on everything Liam and Hope know. Bill brought Li back to Brooke's place after he found her and found her. It will be amazing to see Steffy and Finn reunited. Eric chuckles. Kelly is going to flip out when Liam tells her. Thomas marvels at the priceless moment Steffy will experience when she sees him for the first time.

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As Billboards the Spencer jet, he decides to try Ridge again in the hope that he will succeed this time. When Ridge receives a call from Bill, Taylor urges him to answer it. Ridge confirms that Taylor is with him, and Bill puts Taylor on speaker and tells them to brace themselves - he has some unbelievable news to share. “That's great news. What could it be?” Ridge impatiently asks.”

When Bill informs them he's traveling by jet with their son-in-law to Monaco, they scratch their heads in confusion. He smiles, knowing it's the mother of all shocks and passes the phone to Finn, who replies, "Taylor, Ridge, it's me.". Suddenly Taylor and Ridge gasp and fall to the ground.

In his desperate attempt to reach Steffy, Finn tells them Li’s kept him alive, and Sheila got involved. He’ll explain it all later, but he wants to communicate with her. As they don't know where Steffy is, they promise to text him the hotel's name and get the kids there as soon as they find out. As soon as Finn disconnects from Bill, he tells him that Steffy wasn't there, but that won't stop them from getting together.

She pulls off her glasses and, overcome with emotion, asks, "Why, Finn?" Why?”. Hope squeals at the thought of the happy ending she's going to get at Forrester Creations, and Liam says their dad's plane should already be landed. The speed at which things can change amazes Eric and Thomas. Ridge and Taylor might feel differently about this, Brooke can only imagine.

The idea that Finn is alive is beyond Ridge and Taylor's comprehension in their suite. Finn and Bill are knocking at the door. In tears, Ridge hugs his son-in-law, pulling him into a bear hug. He is hugged by Taylor next. They will be left alone to celebrate by Bill. The doctor thanks Finn and he tells him he does not need to thank him. Ridge stops Bill from going as he turns to leave. Bill, thank you very much. Bill is just grateful that he was able to help. I'm in your debt.

Taylor and Ridge ask Finn what he will do after Bill leaves, and Finn promises to answer all their questions, but he has to see his family first. The kids don't know where Steffy is, but they know she's around. When Ridge answers the door, he finds the kids knocking. Kelly and Hayes are delighted to see Finn again.

A locket containing photos of Steffy and Finn as well as their kids are opened at the outlook by Steffy. There is a sense of sadness and despondency on her face. Finn tells Kelly he misses Kelly like crazy in the suite while Taylor puts Hayes down for a nap. "Don't leave again, promise?" she says.” A pinky promise from Finn. She wonders why mommy isn't there.

She needs to be picked up by Finn. She can count on Taylor to be back as soon as possible. As soon as they return, Finn tells Kelly, that they'll be a family again. He receives a hug from Kelly around the neck. After borrowing a phone, Finn leaves to locate Steffy.

During a meeting at Forrester Creations, Hope, Liam, Thomas, and Brooke discuss their joy when Finn's survival is announced. There will be a need for Eric to spend time with his family. There are so many ways in which Brooke describes it as a blessing. Ridge and Taylor sit with Kelly in the suite while she draws pictures of her family. Upon finding mommy and daddy, Ridge explains that they'll be a family again soon.

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